CM Locker 3.2.4

This is a lock screen that can use your phone camera to take a picture when someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong pin

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CM Locker 3.2.4
CM Locker 2017

While most modern phones come with a variety of security features, CM Locker helps users with outdated phone or looking for additional protection to really bolster their options. Cellular phones have rapidly become the most important window into our personal lives. And while that's a convenient thing to have, it also exposes us to a plethora of vulnerabilities. A stranger who gets your cell phone can conceivably have access to your entire collection of photos and videos and the security passwords to your most sensitive account information. And while there are measures you can take to reduce your vulnerabilities, CM Locker offers one of the most comprehensive suites for mobile security solutions around.

In terms of locking intruders out of immediate access to your phone, you have a number of options available. PIN and pattern locks are both included, and you can even set up fingerprint lock settings on compatible phones. And while setting lock settings on overall access to your phone is a valuable feature to have, the biggest selling point here may be the AppLock functionality, which allows you to designate access settings for apps on an individual basis. Most modern apps are supported, so you can keep intruders from getting access to all of your social media accounts or even your contacts list. If you want a granular level of control you can't achieve with your phone's standard security settings, you won't find a better resource than CM Locker.

There are also features that allow you to remotely control the security of your phone when it isn't in your reach and even extract valuable information about prospective intruders. You can set your phone to activate the camera when an unauthorized user tries to open an app without permission or sync CM Locker up directly with your Facebook app to lock all of your phone's settings remotely. Facebook syncing also allows you to send GPS coordinates to your phone when you lose it or set off an alarm at your request.

While CM Locker's functionality is mainly devoted to providing users with security features, there are a number of additional perks that come with this app. A huge selection of HD wallpapers, themes, and password modes allow you to personalize your lock screen to your heart's content, and you can use the daily wallpaper changer to provide you with a fresh new background every day. CM Locker also comes with a weather forecast widget that allows you to stay up to date about weather conditions in your area and a speed booster and battery saver that allows you to get more powerful performance out of your phone and extend the length of time before you have to plug it in to your charger.


  • A whole bevy of security features that go beyond standard iOS and Android options
  • Aesthetic options in the form of comprehensive themes and 3D wallpapers


  • Could become redundant as OS and phone manufacturers upgrade their feature sets

CM Locker is an Android app that adds functionality to the existing phone lock system.

CM Locker is intended to help users who have Android distributions with limited phone privacy features. For starters, it acts as a secure login screen. It also has some unique features that set it apart from traditional apps. While it only offers two authentication methods, which are pattern recognition and the traditional PIN code. The pattern recognition feature is unfortunately almost identical to the one almost every current Android device offers: the user traces a certain pattern among a series of dots.

However, not all of the features of CM Locker are already included in most Android distributions. The most unique feature (and the biggest "selling" point) is the ability to set the app to take a picture of anyone who enters the PIN incorrectly. This could serve as evidence of people who are trying to unlock your phone without permission. It's also helpful if your phone is stolen and recovered, so you can see who the thief is.

CM Locker took signals from iPhone development. It includes a set of mini-apps that users can access without unlocking the device. This is especially convenient for users who need to use the lights on the device as a flashlight, a basic calculator, and more. None of these apps can be used to compromise the confidentiality of your Android device, but they're certainly helpful and much more readily accessible than almost any other app can make them. CM Locker includes many other mini-apps, but the flashlight is likely the most useful one.

Finally, CM Locker has the somewhat odd option of allowing users to download new themes for the app. This is nice for users who want a full range of customization for their lock screens. Users can also customize almost every other detail of the app, such as the icon display for the mini-apps.

Overall, CM Locker is a great choice for anyone looking to boost privacy and peace of mind on their Android device. While many features of CM Locker have been built into your Android, the fact that it can take photos of anyone trying to break into your device and the mini-app feature really do set it apart from the pack. You can't beat the price, either.


  • Takes photos of people trying to break in
  • Is fully customizable
  • Has a full array of mini-apps


  • Many features are already built into the Android OS
  • Some security reports of backdoors
  • Security features less tested than standard Android lock and unlock

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